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DOMETIC CFX3 25 Compressor cooler

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$1,039.00 - $1,039.00
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CFX3 25 compressor cooler

When it comes to your toughest adventures, the Dometic CFX3 25 Compressor cooler is the perfect companion. This electric portable cooler is ideal for car camping and smaller vehicles, compact yet mighty in performance and unique features. With a 12 volt power supply, the award-winning Dometic CFX3 will keep your food and drink items at a steady temperature as low as -7°F while using less energy than a 60W light bulb. The unit is designed with mounted springs to reduce vibration and isolate noise, so you can enjoy your journey even more. Additionally, the CFX3 includes different power sources options such as AC (110-240), DC (12 / 24 volt), or solar power – making sure you can take it anywhere with ease. The cooler also connects to an app where users can monitor and control temperatures for maximum convenience. Get the most from your adventure with the Dometic CFX3 25 Compressor cooler!

What's included-1 cooler, 1 manual, 1 Connection cable for 12/24V connection, 1 Connection cable for 120V connection, removable wire baskets 
Single or Dual Zone Single 
Product Description Powered 12 Volt Cooler, 25L 
Refrigeration technology Compressor

Dimensions product depth 22.40 "
Dimensions product height 16.54 "
Dimensions product width 13.46 "
Product depth w/out handle 19.88 "
Net weight 28 lbs
Total volume (IEC 62552-3) 25.00 l
Power Supply Cable Length AC 6.6 ft 
Power Supply Cable Length DC 6.6 ft 
Amount of cans (12oz/375ml) 33 cans

Input voltage (AC) 120 V
Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
Rated input current (AC) 0.69A at 120V A
Rated input current (DC) 3.2A at 24V, 6.5A at 12V A
Rated input power 46 W
Input frequency 50/60 Hz

Temperature Range -7°F to +50°F 
Insulation Thickness 55.00 mm
Insulation Type PU (Polyurethane)  

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