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FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th

New Lagun Table Leg System with SILVER bracket

Prix d'origine $280.00 - Prix d'origine $284.00
Prix d'origine
$280.00 - $284.00
Prix actuel $284.00

Details & Specifications for Lagun Table System 

Eliminate your wobbly table in your RV or Boat with a Lagun Table System that easily secures it into place! All you have to do is turn the hand locks and adjust the mounting plate either up or down so you can get it right where you want it.  You can prepare a meal, keep up with friends, or answer e-mails all at your table. The best part is that it can quickly and effortlessly swing out of the way when you want more floor space.

Now you never have to worry about putting the table away before cruising across the lake, travelling off-grid, or on rough terrain. The Lagun will stay where you lock it into place. Use your current tabletop and the Lagun installs smoothly within minutes. Pieces all attach to the bottom of the table base for easy storage and a snap to put up or take down. Stabilize your active lifestyle with a Lagun Table System!

Lagun Table System Features:

You can replace your current table or add to your existing system with the Lagun Table System:

  • Comes with Right-Hand handle position
  • From the bottom of the leg to the top of the table mounting plate is 23 1/2"
  • 11 1/2" groove from the bottom of the leg toward the top of the leg
  • Swivels 360 degrees on two points
  • Eliminates a frustrating wobbly table
  • Saltwater will not harm the Lagun
  • Move your table to additional mounting plate points in seconds (purchase an additional bracket for this option)
  • Handles up to 50lbs of weight on the table
  • Maximum tabletop size is 30" X 40"
  • Great service and all parts available to keep your Lagun working for years of use
  • Rotating hand locks are quick and easy to use
  • Locks in whatever position you choose
  • Rotates right where you want it, or out of the way
  • Ultimate table leg to improve your existing Van, Pontoon, Truck Camper, Travel Trailer, Teardrop Trailer, Motorhome
  • Sleek Modern design and function

Options to choose from the drop-down menu

  1. Lagun table system with Silver Bracket and bolts
  2. Lagun table system with Silver Bracket NO hardware

Need an Additional Bracket? Click Here

 The original Lagun is NOT sold on Amazon.  Similar items sold on Amazon are poor quality, painted knockoffs that do not function. 

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