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Van Security locks are BACK IN STOCK!!!

Skotti Portable BBQ Grill

Prix d'origine $290.00 - Prix d'origine $460.00
Prix d'origine $460.00
$290.00 - $445.00
Prix actuel $290.00

The SKOTTI Grill is light and handy, weighing just 3 kg and fitting easily in a rucksack, bicycle bag or any motorhome. As flat as a laptop, it’s an ideal camping grill. Its practical transport bag also makes an ingenious underlay – whether grilling on a table or a sensitive surface. You can even barbecue in the park or in the wilderness with a clear conscience, as SKOTTI is made of durable stainless steel, works with gas, and leaves no mess whatsoever. This mobile grill is the perfect balcony grill, picnic grill or camping grill – because from now on your neighbours will only be treated to the smell of deliciously grilled food rather than smoking charcoal. Clean up is simple, just unasemble and toss it in the dishwaser!

Skotti Grill & Cap Material:

1.1mm stainless steel (body, cap)

3mm stainless steel (grill)


grill surface: 30.4x21cm

Full size: 33.6 x21.9 x 17.6cm

Packed size: 45x30x3.5cm

Weight: 3.3kg or 7.3lbs. 

Combustion Option: Gas, charcoal, or wood. 

Skotti Cap Measurements: 
Full-size: 32 x 22 x 19
Packed size: 41.5 x 24 x 3 cm

Weight: 1.43 kg/ 3.2lbs

NO Gas bottles included!


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