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FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!

Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Heavy Duty Recovery Boards

Original price $857.00 - Original price $915.00
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$857.00 - $915.00
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Color: Raw Aluminum Alloy


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Introducing the ultimate recovery boards for heavy duty use. Made of reinforced aluminum alloy, our boards are incredibly strong and versatile, able to support heavy 4WD's or trucks in the toughest of terrains. Whether in mud, snow, sand, or over ditches, our boards provide a safe and easy way to move through any obstacle.

Crafted from 4mm high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring they are super strong and versatile, capable of withstanding the 4WDs and trucks rated up to 8 tons. Not only are they ideal for navigating through challenging terrain like mud, snow, and sand, but they can also serve as bridge elements, providing a stable and secure passage across ditches.

What's more, these Recovery boards are available in raw aluminum or "Ambulance" orange.

Reinforced (set of 2 boards)

Reinforced: from 3-ton to 6-8-ton trucks

Length= 150cm / 59"

Width=44.4cm / 17.32"

Height=4.5cm / 1.77"

Weight per board= 9.5kg / 20.95lbs

Total Weight of both boards= 19kg / 41.9lbs

Optional Brackets= .611kg /1.34lbs each

Dedicated to sustainability, our Recovery Boards are made from recyclable materials, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. The durability of aluminum ensures a significantly long product lifespan, almost 720,000 years, making it an eco-friendly option for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Buy it once

Explore the possibilities and durability of our sand ladders for your off-road adventures! Limited stock available.

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