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Pressure Reducer Valve
Pressure Reducer Valve
Pressure Reducer Valve

Pressure Reducer Valve

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Caleffi Pressure Reducer with Gauge

This product is to be used with our Elgena NC6-E 12 Volt water boiler. This allows you to adjust the pressure coming from the water pump and into the water boiler. You just have to dial the gauge down to 2 bars (it comes with instructions). IF you choose to use a pump that outputs more water than 2 bar (limited to 6 bar) it's mandatory to use the Pressure Reducer to not void warranty.

Made in Italy.



Elgena Nautic Boilers are designed to withstand max. 3 bar (43.5 psi) of water pressure. 
Most water pumps in North America generate a lot more! Therefore it is VERY important
To install a pressure reducer. 
We recommend a pressure below 2 bar (29 psi).
  • WITHOUT heating the water, turn on the tap. Follow the arrow on the adjuster knob and dial down to 2 bar (29 psi). 
  • Best if the tap is turned on and off several times during this process. Adjust till the system reaches 2 bar (29 psi) MAX!
Failing to follow these instructions could cause serious burns and water damage to yourself and vehicle. 

Expedition Upfitter and Total Composites are NOT responsible if these instructions are not followed.