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FREE Shipping on FLATED Products for the Month of APRIL!
FREE Shipping on FLATED Products for the Month of APRIL!
A new era for FLATED !

A new era for FLATED !

FLATED, a pioneering brand dedicated to delivering innovative inflatable accessories for automobiles and beyond, kicks off the year 2024 on a high note with the introduction of an exciting array of new products !

Culminating in a stellar conclusion to 2023 (a year that was blessed by 3 awards at the prestigious SEMA 2023 in Las Vegas and the establishment of a global licensing agreement with General Motors), FLATED has set the stage for an exceptional trajectory. The partnership with General Motors involves the exclusive design and introduction of a range of GM-branded inflatable auto accessories tailored specifically for Chevrolet and GMC vehicles, partnership they will use to bring new ideas to life.

With the SEMA 2023, FLATED also unveiled a suite of completely new products, setting the stage for a perfect start to 2024. The introduction of these innovative additions underscores FLATED's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering cutting-edge solutions with their new solutions : the ALL NEW Air-Topper® CAP and the innovative Air-Storage® !


Introducing the ALL NEW Air-Topper® CAP, a more sleek and streamlined "brother" of the exisiting Air-Topper®, it is a new solution designed specifically to stay in the line of your truck. This innovative topper features a cab-height design, combining style and functionality seamlessly. The Air-Topper® CAP not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your truck but also provides practical benefits for your cargo needs.

This Air-Topper® CAP comes in different sizes :

You can click on each size to discover them more in details.


Alongside the highly anticipated Air-Topper® CAP, FLATED revealed during this SEMA Show 2023 an other groundbreaking innovation – the Air-Storage®.

This new inflatable solution surpasses conventional expectations, presenting more than just a portable storage solution. With the potential to surprise and captivate travel enthusiasts, the Air-Storage® introduces a new dimension to convenience and versatility, making it an enticing prospect for those contemplating travel plans.

Whether it's a spontaneous day trip to the beach or an extensive road journey through the breathtaking Rockies, the Air-Storage® caters to a diverse range of needs. FLATED's latest innovation promises to redefine the travel experience, offering utility and practicality that resonates with individuals seeking enhanced convenience during their adventures."

This Air-storage is scheduled to arrive this summer 2024.
> More infos to come <
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