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Inspiration to Outfit your Truck Camper

It’s a new year which means new inspiration, and new projects.  
Gone are the days of off the shelf campers that look like they are stuck in the 80’s. We’re in 2022 people!
Time to get creative, and time to do it ourselves 


Did you know 


It’s possible to outfit a camper and have it look like an actual home.

  Interior of camper

It’s possible to outfit a camper and have it feel cozy and comfortable, not stiff and boring.

  Interior of Camper

It’s possible to outfit your camper in a luxurious style AND on a budget…

Interior of camper 

Our most recent 6.5ft build is proof. 

We built this as our demo (we don't offer outfitting services), and made it our goal to keep the budget practical. 

 Interior of camper

Truck Camper Shell + Euro Motor Home door = CAD $21,508.00


Interior (wood, cabinetry, windows, mattress, fridge etc.) = CAD $5 000.00


What do you think?

Interior of camper

Is it homey enough for you?

Interior of camper 

How would you outfit your truck camper?

Interior of camper

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  • Interior cabinet packages, can’t find them on you wesite

    Richard Kurtz

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