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FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th
Lagun table system with silver bracket

What you need to know about the Lagun Table Systems

FAQ's for the Lagun table system

Which Lagun Table Leg System should I purchase?

Proper bracket placement is the key to a stable system. Ensuring that a solid vertical surface is used is important in achieving this. We have the original standard bracket as well as the new silver bracket option. Read through to find out more.

What does the Lagun table leg do?

The original Lagun system is adjustable both vertically and horizontally (360° on 2 pivot points). Once in place, it can be locked using the handles and is easy to disassemble for storage.

What is the difference between the Sliver Bracket & Standard Bracket?

Standard Bracket is 3 ½” x 6 11/16”(4 bolts).

Sliver Bracket is 1 3/16” x 6 11/16” (3 bolts).

Both bracket types work with any leg style.  Regardless of which bracket is used, the weight limit and function of the table leg system does not change.  When deciding between the two options, think about where you will be installing the bracket.  How much surface area is there?  Will there be enough room to install a standard bracket?  Do you like the look of the bracket showing or would you rather have it hidden behind the leg?  Some customers prefer the look of the sliver bracket, as it is “invisible” behind the leg.

Why is there a choice between Right Hand and Left Hand leg handle position?

Customers with limited space for installing Lagun system may need the leg handle on a specific side. Expedition Upfitter only sells the Right Hand leg handle position. This choice isn't dependent on the RV/boat side where you're installing bracket. To decide, face the installation spot and ensure there's no obstacle that may break the handle while adjusting it. If you need the left hand option, contact us directly. 

Can I customize my Lagun Table Leg system?

We do not have the ability to customize the Lagun Table Leg System beyond our current options offered on our website.  We also do not have any other variations of any of the accessories listed on our website.

Should you choose to modify any part of the Lagun Table Leg System or its installation, it will void your warranty.  The Lagun Table Leg System parts are NOT compatible/interchangeable with any other brands.

Where should I install the Lagun Table Leg System?

Placement of the bracket is very important as the Lagun Table Leg System requires a solid foundation. The bracket must be installed on a solid vertical surface. Attaching it to only a piece of paneling or fiberglass is not adequate.

Can I use the Lagun system in more than one location?

Yes. Additional brackets can be purchased to be able to move your Lagun to another location.  

By installing an additional bracket on the outside of your camper, in your boat or at the end of your countertop, you can utilize the system in many ways.


  • The Tabel top is NOT INCLUDED.
  • System can support up to 50 lbs.  This includes the weight of the tabletop plus anything placed on it.
  • System can support a tabletop up to 30" x 40".  The table mounting plate should be as centered as possible.
  • Minimum thickness: 5/8"
  • Use #8 pan headed screws (NOT INCLUDED) to install to the tabletop.  Screws must be installed at least 1/2 the depth of the tabletop for stability reason, using caution so they don’t protrude through the tabletop.
  • CAUTION: Leaning or excessive pushing on the tabletop can damage parts of the Lagun Table Leg.

Will I still be able to convert my dinette into a bed?

  • Answer: Yes!
  • Loosen the handle on the leg & remove the Lagun Table Leg from the permanently installed bracket
  • Flip your table top onto a protected flat surface
  • Loosen the handle that links the arm & leg
  • Remove the leg from the arm
  • Slide the leg onto the table mounting plate to store under your table top

Can I place my order over the phone?

  • Absolutely, Expedition Upfitter is happy to help. You can even pick up your order locally at our shop in Victoria, BC.

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