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FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th

Dodge Promaster 2014-23 Full Van Security Lock Set by HEO Solutions

Prix d'origine $485.00 - Prix d'origine $640.00
Prix d'origine
$485.00 - $640.00
Prix actuel $485.00

This is a full set for a Dodge Promaster Cargo Van and will fit the years 2014-2023

Kit Contains:

  • Locks for Driver and Passenger doors (1x left, 1x right). Installed on the inner frame of the door. Push the knob down and turn it to close or open the door, use the key to secure.
  • 2x Door Van locks that are suitable for rear doors and sliding doors. This lock uses the key to swivel the system 180 degrees into a locking position. These locks attach to the outside, are very durable but have a simple design.
  • 3 Van locks are needed if you have 2 sliding doors (choose this option from the drop-down menu). You will have 3 sets of keys for this set
  • The lock on the sliding door is installed 10cm (4") above the sliding rail at the rear of the door
  • All locks are lockable & the front and back locks have different keys.
  • Easy to install
  • Tools needed for install- 3.2 mm drill bit (now included) to drill pilot holes, 4mm Allen key to tighten screws! DO NOT USE an impact drill or anything other than an Allen key to tighten screws.
  • Comes in White or Black for the swivel locks on the rear and sliding doors
  • HeoSafe Solutions uses the highest quality materials, designed and manufactured in Europe. These Security Locks are suitable for use on many caravans and motorhome doors. We currently only carry stock for Transits, Sprinters, and Now Promaster's! If you require another lock for a different vehicle please contact us.

Watch this video for some great tips and tricks on installation! Use the coupon code in the description to save some $$.

Check out Linnea & Akela installing the HEO solution locks on their Promaster, our only suggestion is to use an Allen key on the screws!

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