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FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th
FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th

Lynx 7' Slide in Truck Camper Shell (Toyota Tacoma / Jeep Gladiator)

Prix d'origine $24,500.00 - Prix d'origine $24,500.00
Prix d'origine
$24,500.00 - $24,500.00
Prix actuel $24,500.00

The Lynx 7' is a premium 4-season slide-in truck camper designed and engineered by Total Composites. This camper shell is specifically designed for a small truck bed. Our proprietary system of extrusions and fiber-reinforced panels make our campers the best on the market.


  • ** Fits Toyota Tacoma & the Jeep Gladiator
  • Extremely lightweight- starts at 540 lbs.
  • Designed with low overhang for maximum trail performance
  • 100% composite construction that will last for generations
  • North/South Sleeping


  • Approximate weight 275kg/606lb (empty shell with door)- Tailgate down

  • 2”/50mm foam core panels
  • Fibreglass extrusions for zero thermal transfer construction = no condensation inside in cold weather
  • Internal Structure for easy mounting of camper jacks and tiedown points
  • Interior to be outfitted by end-user for complete customization
  • This camper fits the mid-sized Wildlands door with the option of an Insulation Kit.
  • No windows are included in the pricing
  • Alcove= Width 164cm/64.5“ Depth 122cm/48” Height 78.5cm/30.9
  • Please refer to the drawings to confirm your truck dimensions
  • Narrow footprint for maximum trail performance
  • R12 panel insulation
  • Black powder-coated aluminum corner caps
Additional Options- 
  • Windows & cargo hatches
  • Aluminum powder-coated brush guards
  • Exterior fittings- Awning track, Portable heater rack
  • Heaters- Planar Diesel heater
  • Water Systems- Water boilers
  • Storage Solutions
  • Solar systems pre-wired
  • Camper Jacks
  • Cabinetry


Lynx 7' Camper Shell with Mid-sized Wildlands Starting at CAD $24,500 + Taxes

**May fit other vehicles please refer to our detailed drawing for more information

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