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In stock FLATED Air Toppers Now on SALE
In stock FLATED Air Toppers Now on SALE

Motorized Electric Roof Hatch 500x700 by Arctic Tern

Original price $2,288.00 - Original price $2,470.00
Original price $2,470.00
$2,288.00 - $2,470.00
Current price $2,288.00

The Arctic Tern Roof Hatch is a must-have in your camper or van.  We now offer only the motorized electric drive.  The motorized version features, a German-made Bosch drive motor and a removable emergency hand crank.  These hatches have been tested to 5000 cycles with no failure.

The hatch features a breathable seal that prevents the entry of dust but allows for some breath-ability in the cabin.  The dome is a smoked double-pane acrylic.  Like all Arctic Tern window panels, these are European made and meet strict ECE standards for UV resistance and impact.  It features a pleated retractable screen and blind.  The body of these hatches is high-strength ABS.  The hatch features very bright LEDs that could serve as the primary light in most cabins.  Mounting is by adhesive and clips.  The hatch requires a 12V service.  The interior trim extends down 30mm.

An optional Spoiler is available.  This unique spoiler has a white acrylic exterior laminated to a fiberglass interior layer.  The result is a beautiful smooth finish with exceptional strength.  Mounting is by 3M high strength tape and rivets.  This spoiler is highly recommended if the front of the hatch is exposed to high-speed oncoming air/water.  If the hatch is mounted behind a solar panel or another windbreak, it would not be necessary.

500x700mm Roof Hatch

  • Available for roof thicknesses from 30mm – 70mm /1.18″ – 2.76″.  Must specify roof thickness when ordering for correct hardware.

  • Sits above the roof about 5″

Additional documentation can be found on our
Resource Page- including installments and fitments. 

  Length (mm) / in Width (mm) / in
Cut Hole Size 500 / 19.68″ 700 / 27.56″
Exterior Dimensions 593 / 23.35″ 853 / 33.58″
Interior Dimensions 600 / 23.62″ 804 / 31.65″

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