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FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
Guzzle water purification system

Camping with a Purified Water System

A big reason why we wanted to partner with Guzzle H2O is because of our shared interest in reducing plastic waste in the world. Far too often we have been out on our family vacation trips and have noticed the insane amount of plastic water bottles left on campsites, beaches, hiking trails and public spaces. We’ve noticed how much people stock up on plastic water bottles before a camping trip too.

Owning a Stealth Guzzle H20 product has helped us do our part. We no longer bring water plastic bottles with us as we have the filter installed in our camper. Here are some water purification systems that might help you do your part as well. 



Stream ($$$) - This is a portable system. The Stream allows you to draw water out of a creek or lake OR connect to faucets such as you would find at a campground.



Stealth, Stealth Carbon, Stealth 2x10 ($$) - These three systems get installed into the camper. They do  all the work under the counter and behind-the-scenes, turning your onboard tank water into something that is not only safe to drink but great tasting as well.



Spigot ($) - This is also a portable carbon block water purification system but smaller than the stream. It’s for anyone taking adventures closer to home. It hooks up to water faucets you find at parks, marinas, gas stations and campgrounds. Ideal for refilling your water bottles!

Our forests are the lungs to our land. Let's protect them!

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