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FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
Expedition Upfitter's Story

Expedition Upfitter's Story

Planar heater

“What heater should we use?”

“Can you recommend something other then those annoying push locks?”

“How do you attach cabinets to your walls?”

“Do you think it’s possible to get a water tank this specific size?”

“Where can I buy durable locks for additional safety on my van?”

“Have you heard of any type of underfloor heating?”

There’s only so many of the same questions you can answer before you start to find another way to address the inquires, right? Maybe the solutions look like a FAQ section on your website, or doing a live Instagram/YouTube Q&A video, or heck, maybe even starting a completely new business. 

For us, we decided to start a new business… during a pandemic.  

We knew it had to be separate from Total Composites because we wanted to reach not just those who had purchased a Total Composites' box, but anyone who is living in or owns a mobile home- be that a van, camper or RV.

We knew we had to offer products that we would personally buy for our own Total Composites family camper otherwise it wouldn’t feel authentic.

arctic tern windows

We knew they had to be reasonably priced, high quality, but not  mainstream. 

And so the search began! 

We spent many hours researching products we thought would be useful for our customers based on our own experience. We also wanted our products to have a certain cool factor to them.

In addition because we have vetted all the products in our inventory and used most of them in our own personal camper, we know the ins and outs of our products, and how to troubleshoot when/if something is off.     


If there’s one thing you can count on us for, it’s an honest opinion. Before anything else, we value integrity, honesty and community. We promise to tell you what others won’t. 

Thanks for reading. And thanks for supporting our family owned small business.


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