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Did you watch FLATED on SHARK TANK??

The Air-Carrier reviewed by

The Flated Air-Carrier Makes Rooftop Cargo Hauling a Breeze

The FLATED Air-Carrier sounds too good to be true – almost gimmicky. I mean, come on: a big, lightweight, rugged rooftop cargo box that installs easily in minutes? And then packs down into a duffel bag when not in use?

Flated air carrier medium and large

All possible because it's… inflatable? However, the Air-Carrier is that rare product that immediately proves itself far better than the competition.

The Air-Carrier fills an unexplored territory in-between hard shell rooftop cargo boxes and structure less rooftop cargo bags, functioning as an elevated hybrid of the two. But, put plainly, the Air-Carrier is a far more practical and accessible alternative to most hard shells and an undeniable upgrade over rooftop bags.

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