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FREE Shipping on FLATED Products for the Month of APRIL!
heavy duty fridge slide

Why You Should Get A Fridge Slide for Your Camper

Are you converting your van?

Are you upgrading your camper?

Are you looking for innovative ways to design your space?

Well, we got an idea for you! 

A Fridge Slide. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should get one:

Heavy Duty fridge slide
  1. It maximizes your space.
    You can stow it under a counter or hide it in a cabinet and only slide it out when you need to get into the fridge. It opens up your walking space and keeps things tidy. 

  2. Convenient for those who have a chest fridge. Pull out the fridge slide in order to lift up the lid.

  3. A fridge slide will hold everything steady while in transportation and you'll want to be able to lock the fridge slide in the open position when the vehicle is parked on uneven ground.

  4. It has Accuride locking slide tracks. These are the toughest, most rugged refrigerator/cargo slides made. And, they are made in the USA.

    **Please note: the fridge manufacturer's published dimensions do not always match the actual footprint of a fridge. Most published fridge dimensions include the handles. This is a bit deceptive as the actual footprint is usually a bit smaller. Our recommendation is to measure your fridge before you place your order.

Fridge Slides are those hidden gems that save the headaches later on. 


What is the inside or pan size of each TemboTusk Flat Slide?
(Where the fridge will sit)
Standard Front Pull Slide: Pan Dimensions:              17" wide x 28" deep
Standard Side Pull Slide:  Pan Dimensions:               28" wide x 17" deep
Jumbo Front Pull Slide:     Pan Dimensions:               20" wide x 34" deep
Jumbo Side Pull Slide:      Pan Dimensions:               34" wide x 20" deep
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