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FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!



Portable Camping Shower

Tired of showers that waste time, water, and energy? 
Experience the portable shower that's easy on your consumption, designed for nomadic living and that's needs less than 1 gallon of water!

save time

Get cleaner, faster with our scrubs that stream out hot water.

save water

Use less than 1 gallon without sacrificing your shower ritual.

feel amazing

Long, hot showers that energize & relax better than your shower head.

The ultimate outdoor solution

The ultimate outdoor solution

Wash your family, gear, or dog with this compact, portable system. Take a hot shower wherever you wander.

Requires less than 1 GAL

15 min. of wash time

Ready in just 5 min

Upgrade Your base camp

Upgrade Your base camp

Enjoy a warm shower after a long day, no matter where you go.

  • A Hot Shower Ready in 5 Minutes

Get cleaner faster with a convenient and simple setup.

  • Save Space With A Compact Design

A portable, small system leaves more room to pack gear.

  • More Water For Less

Use 10x less water than standard shower systems.

What people think about the GEYSER SYSTEM

Get One!

I was skeptical at first, I have long thick hair! Surprisingly the geyser did the job! I love being able to camp and clean up and still hit up the local coffee shop without having the campfire smell! We love how simple it is to use, and very little mess to clean up!


Simple to use. We just tried ours for the first time. Everyone needs this! After a hot, sticky, sunscreen-y day outdoors, be sure to enjoy a quick, Refreshing, relaxing and heavenly. Clean feet... Yes, Please!


Great Product

Great for long trips and saving water. Don't make a mud puddle under you and you get clean where you want and don't waste my limited water supply.

Dave Nixon

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