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Two Creative Vanlife Accessories that Save Space

It’s no secret that you can’t just wing a campervan conversion. It takes extensive planning and decision making.  It takes attention to detail, and a lot of freaking patience.

  • Some of us want super simplistic while others value luxury. 
  • Some of us want a toilet while others want a bigger kitchen with storage.
  • Some of us want a shower, while others value a larger sitting area.

 Space is limited which means sometimes you have to get a litttttllee creative.

 That’s where we come in.

 Expedition Upfitter wants to help you get creative, help you to save space, while utilizing every square inch without breaking the bank on expensive upgrades. 

Here are two products that have upped our own personal camping game. 


collapsible shower curtain

 1. Shower Spider

 A practical shower curtain that takes the camper shower experience to a whole new level. The sturdy shower rod is made of high-quality, rust-free stainless steel and guarantees a secure hold. 





drying rack

2. An Adjustable Window Drying Rack 

A foldable, rust-free, portable drying rack designed to hang from your camper window. Purposeful, lightweight, and stored away easily after use.

What are your nifty space saving hacks? Let us know. 

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