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FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th

12 Volt Water Boiler for Vans and Campers by EX-UP

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Prix d'origine $649.00
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Prix d'origine $649.00
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Prix actuel $575.00

Our 12V-6 Liter water boiler is designed to fit in motor homes, vehicles, boats (sail and power) with a standard 12 volt hook up and adjustable thermostatic control from approx. 30 ° C to 75 °C.  It's equipped with overheating protection, anti-backflow (water), and electricity leakage protection as well as a safety valve set to avoid overpressure.

The tank holds 6 liters or 1.6 gallons of hot water and when mixed with cold water you increase the amount of warm water 2 to 3 times. There is an ultra-thick foam layer to keep the tank well-insulated inside its steel cover. The tank is enamel coated and uses advanced anti-corrosion technology making this a great water boiler for your adventures.

The 12V Water Heater is hand and pressure pump capable. Purchase a pump that works at less than 4 Bar or 68PSI.

Adjustable Thermostat: 30°-75°C (86°-165°F)

May cause scalding if the water temp is set to 50°C or 122°F

Size: 45x 27x 27cm (18×10.625×10.625”)
Weight: 2.8kg (6.3lbs)- Empty
Power Consumption: 12 Volt -200 W (17A)
Heating Time: 30-45 mins depending on cold water temperature (55°C / 131°F)

Max Temp 75°C / 167°F
Overpressure safety: 4 Bar
Water Capacity: 6L (1.6G)

Please contact us for wholesale inquiries.

You cannot drink the water, here's why

1. The water in the heater is not boiled, this makes it easy for bacteria to grow. The maximum temperature of the water boiler is 75°C  (167°F). To prevent from running dry the boiler is always full of water, continual heating of that water can produce nitrite, which is harmful to the human body. 

2. There is an anode rod inside the tank it's a piece designed to slow down corrosion and rusting in water heaters. The rod is made of magnesium, which wears out faster than steel. It attracts particles of iron, limestone or other minerals present in the water through an electrochemical process and corrodes in place of the tank liner. So, the water in the heater contains small amounts of metal ions, such as magnesium oxide, which is not suitable for drinking. 

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