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FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!
FLATED Air-Carrier Collection ON SALE!

Stayput™ Rope Track Slide for Awning Track

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The New Stayput™ Awning Track Slide has been designed to slide freely within an aluminum or PVC awning track allowing for fast & easy fabrication of sliding curtains.

Stayput™ Rope Track Slide  - White is a 2 piece fastener that has been designed to slide freely within an aluminum or PVC awning rope track. It is very easily installed in the fabric through a 5mm - 1/4" hole with no special tools required and has no moving parts to cause trouble. The oblong ball which slides in the track provides easy opening of any curtain or wall suspended from the track. The New Stayput Rope Track Slide brings to the market a simple and cost-effective method of installing a curtain system in a variety of applications.

The Stayput Rope Track Slide is attached directly to suitably reinforced fabric by simply tapping the backing plug through a hole in the fabric and into the back of the fitting. The pinching effect of the backing plug on the fabric helps hold the Track slide firmly in place. Suitable for use in fabric up to about 2.7mm thick, depending on the stiffness of the fabric.

NOTE: This slide works with all the awning tracks we sell except our Flex-A-Rail Awning Track.

Height: 1 7\8"

Content: Glass filled nylon.


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