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FREE SHIPPING on Flated Truck Toppers end September 30th

Thick Floor Mounting Flange for Air Heater 2 sizes for Planar/Autoterm

Original price $112.95 - Original price $119.95
Original price
$112.95 - $119.95
Current price $119.95

The Planar/Autoterm Diesel air heater can be mounted on floors of up to 56mm/2.25" or  83mm/3.25" in thickness. Using this mounting flange on thicker floors makes installation much easier. Instead of cutting a hole for exhaust, air, gasoline, and mounting you simply cut a hole and insert the flange. Cuts down on needless installation time and a bunch of hole saw drill bits!

Now 2 sizes to choose from! 

The 56mm/2.25" is powder-coated white Aluminum and made in the USA- The cut hole for your floor is 5"x5" or 128mm x 128mm the plate is 7x7" / 175mm x 175mm

The 83mm/3.25" is Made from stainless steel, laser-cut, welded. Made in Germany.

Now 2 sizes to choose from! 

Fits Planar/Autoterm air heaters 2D, 4D, 4B, and 44D and most Eberspächer heaters with the same flange dimensions as Planar/Autoterm. Possibly Webasto as well.

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