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Planar/Autoterm Diesel Air Heater 2D-12 High Altitude w/ Truck Install Kit

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Original price $898.00
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Diesel Air Heater PLANAR/Autoterm 2D-12 HA comes with a basic installation kit with automatic High Altitude adjustment and an Operations Manual. Designed to provide safe instant heat to the interior of any type of vehicle!

We offer the 12V version! Designed for High Altitude operation, up to 8,500 ft.

Refer to Operation Manual for installation and operation procedures.
For heating up to 25 ft. boats, campers, vans, expedition vehicles, emergency shelters, ice fishing huts, and commercial trucks…. ETC! Efficient performance and quiet operation, with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

The manual Controller is the standard controllers for the diesel air heater PLANAR 2D. Allows simplified heater control in the “POWER” mode. Also provides the “VENTILATION” mode – air supply with no heat.

Advanced Digital Controller is the advance controller for forced air heaters Planar 2D, Planar 44D, and for the hydronic heater BINAR 5S. Allows for various settings including 7-day timer, air or coolant temperature setting, operational parameters monitoring. It will allow you to set a timer to turn on the unit but you must manually turn the heater off.

As per the instruction manual, the heater has to be connected directly to the battery to avoid any voltage drops/surges. NO Alteration to the wiring harness is permitted. 

Standard Kit Contents:

Product Contains
Planar 2D – Diesel Air Heater HA 1
Inline Metering Fuel Pump 1
Fuel Line, M 5.5
Fuel Pick-UP Stand Pipe 1
Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust, FT. 3
Exhaust Clamp 1
Combustion Air Intake Hose, FT. 2
Remote Wired Controller 1
Fuel Pump El. Cable, 6 M. 1
Power Cable with Fuses 1
Set of Fasteners & Brackets 1
Technical Details:
Heat Output; kW (BTU): 0.8 (2.700-6,850)
Fuel Consumption; l/h (gal/h): 0.10-0.24 (0.03-0.06)
Nominal Supply Voltage; V: 12 Volt
Power Consumption; W (A): 10-29 (0.8-2.42)
Airflow Rate; m3/h: 34-75
Weight; kg: 7.0
 L x D x H; mm:  324 x 118 x 119
 Operating Modes:  Manual
Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 41 x 36 x 17 cm
Voltage 12V


Extended Accessory Truck Kit Includes:

Mounting Plate 1
High-Temperature Air Hose 2 ft.
High-temperature air vent 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jared Ross
Reliable and HOT!

After burning through two Webasto burner inserts within 2 months, operating at 8500ft (yes they were adjusted for altitude) I decided it was time to try something else. Glad I found the Planar and expedition upfitter! I've had 2 years of reliable service with the Planar, mostly in CO, and much of it above 6k ft!

We've installed 3

We just purchased our 3rd Planar heater and installed this in our Arctic Fox. We love them, we now have one in our boat and camper (we sold the van). Can't wait until Total Composites releases a larger truck camper, then we will outfit that!

Jim F
Best mod yet!

Even without fully insulating the Sprinter yet this has made a huge difference in winter comfort level. Our Sprinter is a (slow) work in progress and this made our month long trip over December so much more bearable.

Now just waiting for the new digital thermostat.

Jim C.
Planar 2d

Very impressed with the quality of the components in the kit. Good installation operating manual, easy installation with all required parts included (less the fuel tank).
Painless initial startup, no smoke or odour. Have not used at elevation yet, but have no doubt that it will perform as advertised. Solid warranty, and great that spare parts are readily available locally.
Highly recommend this heater.

Mike C
Planar 2d

I opted to install a Planar 2D diesel heater, high altitude version, a few months ago and just returned from an extended trip including 3 weeks roaming around Colorado. I'm extremely happy with the performance so far. One night was above Leadville (10,000+ ft) and the heater fired right up (as always) and worked flawlessly. I have the basic PU-5 controller which adjusts output manually.

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